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hydra hanging kit

AquaIllumination EXT Single Module Hanging Kit for Hydra Lights (Black)

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Suspend your Hydra lights with Aqua Illuminations EXT Single Module Hanging Kit. The kit contains everything you need to hang your AI LED lights. Choose between black or silver mounting brackets to match the color of your light.


Compatible With

  • Hydra 26
  • Hydra 32
  • Hydra 52
  • Hydra 64

Hanging your lights gives you complete control over the distance from the light to your water surface. Adjusting the height only takes a few seconds with the grip lock adjustments, and the kit even includes finishing washers and caps for a clean mount at the ceiling. 


What's Included?

2x Mounting Brackets

2x Mounting Bracket Screws

2x Grip Lock Adjustments

2x Wall Anchors

2x Wall Anchor Finishing Caps

2x 60" Cables

2x "V" Cables

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