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Brightwell Aquatics Clarifi-FW

Brightwell Aquatics - Clarifi-FW

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Clarifi-FW Advanced Clarifier for all Freshwater and Planted Aquaria


  • Flocculant for improving water clarity in freshwater aquaria; helps eliminate cloudy water.
  • Binds particulate material suspended in aquarium water, enabling removal from the
    system by means of mechanical filtration.
  • Specifically formulated for use in freshwater aquaria; not to be used in marine aquaria.
  • Safe for use with all manner of freshwater fishes, plants, and invertebrates.


Technical Background

Poor water clarity can be caused by a number of types of suspended particulate material, which may themselves be caused by excessive nutrient concentrations, digging/burrowing/feeding activities of fishes and/or motile invertebrates, excessive water flow directed at fine-particulate sediment, etc. Clarifī-FW clears cloudy water by utilizing the weak electrical charges of water-borne particles as a means of binding them; the resultant relatively-large (and heavy) particles are then: trapped by mechanical filtration and/or fall out of the water column onto the aquarium bottom, where they can be siphoned out of the system, if desired, by the aquarist. Clarifī-FW is a useful tool to immediately improve clarity in aquaria on public display.

While Clarifī-FW offers a rapid solution to water cloudiness, it should not be seen as an alternative to long-term proper and sensible aquarium husbandry. If conditions within the aquarium system encourage chronic events of water cloudiness, then it will become necessary to determine, and subsequently address, the cause(s). Oftentimes, the use of an effective and well-maintained mechanical filter will help control water cloudiness; additionally, feeding aquarium inhabitants sensibly, limiting the use of organic-based supplements and additives, regular testing of important water parameters with accurate kits and/or meters, and performing water changes/replacing evaporation with remineralized purified water are all important aspects of aquarium husbandry.

Instructions and Guidelines

Do not use in marine aquaria; instead, use Clarifī-SW. Extensive research in our facility has revealed that maximum performance in freshwater and saltwater aquaria is achieved with different active ingredients rather than with one ingredient that is compatible in both types of aquaria. The active ingredients in Clarifī-FW are incompatible with marine aquaria.

Shake bottle prior to use. Do not "free pour" into aquarium, which may result in excessive, persistent cloudiness. Flocculation of cloudiness due to blooms of microalgae may result in a depressed pH as the production of oxygen and uptake of carbon dioxide decrease; therefore, ensure that alkalinity measures at least 2 dKH prior to use and do not dose after display lights have turned off for the day (this is the period of time in which pH levels naturally decrease slightly, and an additional decrease in pH due to the afore-mentioned process may be stressful to aquarium inhabitants).

Replace or rinse mechanical filtration material prior to use; when filtration media nears capacity (signified by a significant decrease in water flow through the exhaust of the power filter, or pooling of water above horizontally-situated filter pad material), replace or rinse it, and repeat as necessary.

Recommended dosage is ~1-ml of Clarifī-FW per 10 US-gallons (37.9 L). Dilute up to 10-ml of Clarifī-FW per 8 fl-oz. or 250-ml of purified water and stir to disperse; gradually pour the resultant solution into the aquarium in an area of rapid water flow. Allow at least 12-hours for flocculation process to complete; re-apply in 24-hours if necessary. Maximum recommended usage is twice per 5 day period. Reoccurrence of cloudy water after Clarifī-FW has been employed to satisfactorily clarify water is an indication that issues referred to in Technical Background (opposite panel) may need to be addressed. The long-term successful care of aquaria relies upon the employment of sound husbandry principles.

Clarifī-FW is not formulated to remedy water discoloration (e.g. "yellow" tint) caused by dissolved organic material; instead, employ activated carbon (e.g. Brightwell Aquatics Carbonīt-P) and/or macroadsorptive resin (e.g. Brightwell Aquatics OrganītR) for this purpose.


Caution: Do not use in marine aquaria; do not use at night. Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

Active Ingredients


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