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Razor Freshwater

Brightwell Aquatics - Razor Freshwater

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Razor Freshwater

Unique Freshwater Systemic System Cleaner designed to target and clean surfaces of rock, driftwood decorations and tank walls


  • Plant safe, complex systemic cleaning polymer product, specifically formulated to clean aquarium rock and decoration surfaces systemically.
  • Benefits are:
    1. Gentle loosening of ugly accumulations of unwanted substances, debris and coatings which makes their removal by scraping and vacuuming much easier.
    2. Flocculation of particulate matter from leftover food, detritus and precipitation
    3. Prevents particles from settling on rocks and accumulating
    4. Overall cleaning action making the aquarium cleaner, clearer and more desirable

Considerations for Use

It is recommended that activated carbon use be suspended while using this product, as activated carbon can reduce the product’s effectiveness. Once the aquarium has attained the desired appearance, activated carbon can be put back into the filtration system, if desired. Due to the rate at which filters collect particulate material, it may be necessary to clean mechanical filter pads and other media every other day while dosing this product. Simultaneous use with FlorinBacter will have a very synergistic effect.

Sensible feeding should be the first step taken to minimize turbidity and the concentration of dissolved organic materials in any marine aquarium. Water of high clarity that is low in dissolved organic material and possesses the proper parameters is the basis for a healthy aquarium system!

Razor Freshwater is slow acting and may require multiple applications to achieve the effect desired by the user. Used as directed, it is safe for freshwater and brackish fishes, and aquarium live plants, however, as all animals are individuals, and water conditions vary in many aquariums, animals should be observed closely during use, for signs of stress. Do not use with crustaceans (shrimp, crabs or lobsters). If signs of stress occur, or plants are affected negatively, reduce or discontinue use as necessary. If symptoms persist, do a partial water change and add carbon.

Instructions & Guidelines

Shake product well before using! For every 10 gallons ( 38 L ) of aquarium volume, use 1 ml and for every 50 gallons ( 190 L ) of aquarium volume, use 5 ml of this product in a high flow area of the main aquarium. Repeat every 3 days until desired results are obtained. Maintenance: Then dose once a week to maintain the aquarium.

To keep problems to a minimum, Brightwell recommends that all makeup water in the aquarium be filtered by reverse osmosis or deionization to prevent adding phosphates and silicates. Brightwell also recommends that you regularly test phosphates and keep them at a level of .02 ppm or less. You can lower phosphates by the use of Extrax Phos, FerroxiPhos-G or Phosphāt-E. The use of grazing livestock, such as ramshorn snails, nerite snails, plecos, or malaysian trumpet snails can be very helpful in cleaning the rocks and other surfaces. Simultaneous use of FlorinBacter will be very beneficial. The use of RedoxIclean prior to use of this product, to clean up high organic levels or tea colored water will also be beneficial.

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