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Two Little Fishies - NanoMag Magnet Glass Cleaner

Two Little Fishies - NanoMag Magnet Glass Cleaner

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The Two Little Fishies NanoMag magnetic glass cleaner is perfect for pico, and nano sized tanks. The thin profile of the NanoMag makes it great for getting in tight spaces.

  • Super thin profile
  • Works on curved surfaces
  • Glides nicely
  • Patented design
  • Compatible with tanks with glass up to 1/2" thick


The Two Little Fishies NanoMag is perfect for smaller tanks that have rock work or coral close to the glass. The inner portion of the magnet cleaner is less than 0.175" thick allowing it to glide virtually anywhere on the glass easily. The outer portion is a bit larger letting you acquire a firm hold, quickly directing it where you want it to go. A super powerful magnet is embedded in the outer portion allowing the NanoMag to couple through glass up to 1/2" thick.


Note: Recommended for glass aquariums only.



  • In-tank Cleaning Pad - 1"  x 1" x 0.175" Thick  
  • Outer Magnet - 0.56" Thick x 1.63" Diameter


What's Included?

  • 1x NanoMag assembly

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