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Seachem - Vitality

Seachem - Vitality

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Vitality is a comprehensive vitamin, amino acid, and trace element supplement developed to address nutritional requirements commonly associated with long term husbandry of marine ornamental fish. Vitality contains natural and easily absorbable sources of these nutrients, using ascorbic acid in a heavy base of spirulina and chlorella. Ascorbic acid is necessary for the formation of connective tissues, scar tissue in wound repair, and bone building. Both spirulina and chlorella contain a rich assortment of amino acids and vitamins, making them an ideal nutritional additive in any fish’s diet.



  • Provides crucial vitamins and amino acids
  • Enhanced with Vitamin C
  • Ideal nutritional supplement for Marine Fish
  • Helps prevent disease due to nutritional deficiencies
  • Helps to prevent lateral line disease

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